Eagle Team Tuesday Trainings

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Protection is at the heart of every successful financial plan. Most folks view protection instruments as a necessary expense. In our PACT Process, Protection is the first and top priority that is listed for us to review and discuss with our client.

Check out these Tuesday Call recordings on Protection for more.


Most clients want to focus on rate of return and how to accumulate as much money as possible for retirement. They are conditioned to ask about expenses/fees, performance, etc. Right or wrong, these points of interest draw the most attention from investors. But, are these items the most important components in building wealth? Maybe not. On these Tuesday’s Call recordings we explore what is really important in building wealth for retirement.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is what we need to live on in retirement. It’s the lifeblood of paying our mortgage, buying groceries, etc. Too often, clients think that their account balance is what’s going to pay their bills. It’s certainly a factor, but not as important as one might think. On these Cash Flow Tuesday Call recordings we will explore different cash flow outcomes of various types of accounts to see which ones do the best job of paying our bills in retirement.


Most people understand that taxes are necessary, but pay them blindly and sometimes end up making costly mistakes.  These mistakes can be avoided by implementing smart strategies..  A little planning can make a HUGE difference in what you’re left with in retirement.  If you want to be able to bring more value to your clients, these tactics to protect their wealth are priceless. Check out these special Tuesday Call recordings on Taxes!

Misc. Trainings

Sometimes our Tuesday Calls feature special topics outside of our usual PACT Process that we find valuable.

Whether they are special carrier trainings, or just relevant topics that can help you become stronger advisors, these videos are available to you here.