Eagle Team is excited to offer our members exclusive access to innovative technology, solutions, and tools. Along with these systems, the Eagle Team can assist with proper client education allowing financial professionals to take their business to the next level.

Legacy Lock

More prospects. More clients. More referrals.

Open the door to countless opportunities by integrating LegacyLock. Offer an easy-to-use software tool that seamlessly generates attorney drafted documents in all 50 states.

The LegacyLock process can help with:

  • Completing will and trust packages
  • Funding assets
  • Developing an organization of trust
About LegacyLock
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The Circle of Wealth System, founded in 1994 by Don Blanton, improves the level and quality of communication between financial services professionals and their clients. The system is built around a simple 10-step planning process, combined with a software component that excels as a “Visual Storyboard” to help the advisor clearly communicate how money and wealth accumulation works.

The system takes the client through a range of discussions related to the overall wealth-building process and explores the effects of transferred money and the opportunity costs associated with those lost dollars. 

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