Eagle Team helps build insurance businesses with and for advisors across the country by establishing a culture of trust, professionalism, and an ease of doing business. We use an educational approach so that our advisors — and by extension, their clients — can make well informed decisions without any product bias. 

Life Insurance

We have access to the best products across the nation’s top carriers and can provide full support, including underwriters to shop and pre-qualify cases, provide advanced case design and illustration support, and a Case Management Team to streamline business efficiencies, so our contracted agents can focus on their client relationships.

Wealth Management

We provide a holistic wealth management solution to help financial advisors deliver a seamless investment experience for their clients, while addressing six key considerations of financial planning – longevity, liquidity, inflation, market, mortality, and taxes.

Insight and Best Practices

Our contracted advisors receive the benefit of our collective experience in the form of useful articles and papers, industry updates, educational presentations, sales tips and peer-to-peer discussions.

These shared insights expand our awareness of the latest industry best practices and changing client needs, so we can deliver more informed and reliable services to our clients.


Professional coaching can be invaluable for advisors who find themselves at a pivotal time in their business growth.

Our team provides coaching for contracted advisors who can benefit from strategic, one-on-one mentoring and guidance. It’s a focused opportunity that allows advisors to ask the important questions, and get the honest answers to help make the best decisions.

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