Who We Serve Best

We Serve:  Life Insurance Agents, Advisors, CFP’s, ChFC’s, MBA’s, Attorneys, and CPA’s  who are driven to always do what is best for their clients.

We Teach: Our Proprietary Process that helps you communicate more effectively with your clients and makes better use of everyone’s time. Our Proprietary tools shorten the education process visually and interactively for your clients.  You only get paid to do two things.  Prospect and meet with your ideal clients.  Everything else can be done by someone else.

Our Goal: To help you understand how to ask better questions so that you can get to the right conversation to help your clients co-build a custom financial plan that checks all of the boxes on their wish list.

The Eagle Team has a proven track record of helping you: sell more life insurance, get in front of better qualified prospects, offer a stress tested financial plan, or presenting a more holistic plan to your clients. We’re producers in the trenches just like you, so we know what works and what can turn out to be a waste of resources.  We want to make your life easier.

We have developed our very own unique, comprehensive selling program called the PACT Process. This fresh process incorporates all facets of the client process and will help you, as an advisor, have a clear path to follow.

Our suite of tools, top notch weekly trainings, tried and true marketing methods, and PACT Process will help you get and retain high quality clients, and in turn you will find you’ll start to get better referrals (the lifeblood of any thriving financial practice).

The Eagle Team Financial Pros are focused on bringing advisors options. We provide access to over 40 carriers, this allows you to become product agnostic so that you can become the trusted advisor who can serve your clients as a fiduciary.

We support the success of our agents across the nation, you work independently but we never want you to feel like you are all alone.

Ask yourself these questions, if you’re still unsure if you’re a fit for the Eagle Team:

  • Would you like to sell more life insurance?
  • Would you like to have a unique message to offer prospects on why they should deal with you?
  • Would you like to be able to show a prospect their financial plan and its probability of success in advance?
  • Would you like to have an early warning system that has a pre-determined course of action for your prospects if the markets correct?
  • Would you like to be able to offer your prospects wills, trust and legal documents prepared by estate planning attorneys right in your office?
  • Would you like to be able to meet your fiduciary responsibility to your clients by offering your clients several choice or solutions?

Reach out to start the conversation with us today by clicking here or calling us at 732-302-1810.

The Eagle Team